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Please Welcome Blog Guest Jolyn Palliata

Did you ever get a song stuck in your head? Or part of one? How did you get it out? Did you avoid the song at all costs in the blind hope it would stop hammering you into submission? Or did you listen to the song over, and over, and over, until you were so obsessed that all you could think about was that delicious, devilish little laugh….er, what was I saying? (Right. Song stuck in my head. Ahh…I mean, your head.) Now, I know this has happened to every person reading this post, so I’m hoping you’ll relate to my little story here.

Let me […]

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Winner of the Gift Card Blog Hop

I’m pleased to announce that Laura H. won a $10 gift card from Amazon for participating in the Gift Card Blog Hop. Her name was chosen through

Congrats Laura!


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Gift Card Hop Giveaway

I love anything to do with the holidays, and what better way than to join the Gift Card Giveaway Hop. My giveaway is a $10 electronic gift card to

The rules:

1. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect
2. Leave a comment with your name,  email address, the words ‘gift card’ in the subject line, and your favorite genre in the message section of  the contact form below.

Winner will be announced within 48 hours and chosen through

Clear here to see the other blogs participating in this hop.

Thank you and good luck!

Comments or questions are welcome.

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