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Interview with Ashanti Kashif Ross

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Ashanti. Tell me a little about yourself.

I’m an after school instructor. I teach sports, poetry, and computers for the little ones. I also teach older adults how to use computers because my Masters degree is in Gerontology. I personally love life-long learning and always try gaining new skills. Currently, I’m supposed to practice on my Les Paul, but I’ve been cheating on her with writing.

What’s Barcode: The Legend of Apollo about?

Spencer Colt attends a university for gladiators that his father owns. He is praised as a god powerful enough to defeat the dictator known as Helios. Though he tries running from […]

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Shrouded in Darkness Blog Tour

I’m going to be out and about at the following places on the internet. Feel free to drop by and say hi!

8 – Book Spotlight @ Tamaira Soana

9 – Interview @ Sara Trimble

10 – Guest Blog & Giveaway @ Celtic Ladys Reviews

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