5 Star Review for Shrouded in Darkness!

I have another 5 star review from a Goodreads reader. This tme for Shrouded in Darkness.

“What would you do if an experiment went extremely wrong and if you didnt figure out the formula you would die? That is the question this book answers in wonderful amazing detail.. I love that the main characters are likable and that you root for them. The author’s protrayal of grief with Margot is genuine and very realistic in the way it would be handled.
Jake was a true hero and I found myself wanting the same answers that the end gives the readers.

This book was well written and awesome, I like that there were not alot of characters in the book and the author concentrated on letting us get to know Jake and Margot..The plot was wonderful and the twist at the end was mindblowing…Def. Recommend this book” – Ruby

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