Another 5 Star Review for Shrouded in Darkness!

Candice M. rated Shrouded in Darkness 5 Stars.

“Margot’s life is spiraling downhill quickly. She has just buried her brother. She is living alone in northern Arizona and enjoying a lot of wine. She has divorced her husband and lost her job as an attorney. She has had a lot of wine when a knock comes at the door. It is a friend of her brothers named Jake so she lets him in and agrees to rent him a room for a couple of weeks.

Jake worked at the same company as her ex husband and her brother. They had been conducting secret experiments at the lab they worked at. There was a large fire at the lab. Jake is hoping to use Margot’s brothers lab to find an antidote.

This is a wonderful book. Really enjoyed it. H. D. Thomson did a very good job weaving the story and keeping the reader guessing. Should Margot have opened the door?”

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