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Sunday Snippet from Shades of Holly

Bella Media ManagementHere’s a snippet from Shades of Holly. It’s a romantic suspense set during Christmas. Presents and gift giving are not involved unless you’re a serial killer. haha

Zach woke to pounding. Eyes snapping open, he jerked upward. For a full five seconds, he didn’t recognize his surroundings but quickly became aware of bitter, cold air eating through his jeans and jacket and into his skin. Cobwebs cleared from inside his head.

He turned. A beam of light cut into his vision. For a wild moment he thought he was wearing those ungodly sunglasses until the beam shifted and Holly’s face hovered on the outside of the driver’s door.


He turned the key in the ignition and hit the button to open the window. The glass hummed downward. More frigid air rushed into the SUV and blasted into his face.

“Zach. Why are you here?”

He couldn’t see her expression, because the flashlight pointed at him, but he heard the disbelief in her raised voice.

“I must have fallen asleep.” He rubbed the stiffness from his neck and blinked against the light. “You can aim the flashlight somewhere else.”

“Sorry.” She pointed the light at the ground. “Were you here the entire night?”

Frowning, he glanced through the windshield at the black sky, then realized a number of neighbors had since shut off their Christmas lights. The clock on his dashboard gleamed neon green. Four-fifteen. “I wanted to make sure you were safe and…”

“Because of Dean?” She shook her head. A strain of sadness threaded her words. “Don’t do that again. Promise me.”

“I can’t do that.”

She pulled the collar of her thick down jacket up against her neck with gloved hands. Her eyes watered and he suspected it had nothing to do with the frigid air. “You’re going to have to, Zach. I’ve moved on. I deserve some happiness. We both do, but it needs to be with other people.”

Son-of-a-bitch. “You don’t understand—”

“No I don’t, and right now isn’t the time to be having a conversation. I’m tired. You’re probably even more tired.” She nodded to the length of the street. “Go home.”

His jaw tightened in frustration. She didn’t wait for a reply but pivoted and hurried back to her house. It was pointless going after her. They’d probably end up in a fight, and he’d just make their ruined relationship that much worse.

For the second time that night she closed the door and didn’t look back.


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Freaky Friday… Poltergeist Rewind and Curses

poltergeistI don’t know about you, but when the remake of Poltergeist came out in 2015, I was tempted to watch it, but then I thought back to the original movie made in 1982 and how scary it was at the time. I loved that movie, and knowing how much I enjoyed the movie, I decided against watching the remake because I knew they couldn’t make it near as good as the original. It turns out the remake received terrible reviews, so at least I will still have a good, scary memory of Poltergeist.

Call it urban legend, rumor or more, there were always rumors of a curse whenPoltergist-Movie-Poster it came to the production of the movie. Seven people from the film died in unnatural ways, the saddest being that of actress, Dominique Ellen Dunne, the oldest daughter in the movie. She was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. He strangled her in the driveway of her West Hollywood home. She later died in a coma at the hospital. Her last acting appearance was on an episode of Hill Street Blues. She played a teenage mother and a victim of child abuse.

The other well-known tragedy involved Heather O’Rourke who died at such a young age. She was Carol Anne in all three movies. She died at 12 from sudden cardiac arrest.

Other actors died under tragic terms or had near death experiences. One included 67-year-old Lou Perryman. He played Pugsley in the movie and was killed with an ax by a recently released ex-convict, who allegedly beat him with an ax ten times.

There is also Richard Lawson. He played Ryan. He almost died in a plane crash. He was trapped underwater in his seat for the longest time. 27 others were not so lucky and perished.

Other actors died early through cancer.

What I found most interesting about the whole case was about the skeletons in the famous scene where the mother, JoBeth Williams, is dumped into a muddy pool in the middle of the night. The skeletons that had her screaming were not made of plastic or rubber but actual real skeletons. The actress really didn’t know it at the time. It’s rumored the skeletons were the cause of the untimely deaths and their spirits wanted to extract revenge…

I’m sure the urban legend will continue. A quick search on the Internet shows it’s still very popular.

If anyone has watched the remake, feel free to let me know if it was worth the watch! I may change my mind on watching it.

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Freaky Friday – Exorcism… Thriving? Really?

Depositphotos_34416213_originalI watched the movie Deliver Us from Evil with Eric Bana a while back with my daughter. The movie deals with exorcism and is promoted as being based on part from a non-fiction book called Beware the Night. That movie triggered me to thinking about exorcism, especially after meeting a prospective client (I do formatting, covers etc. for authors under Bella Media Management) who started talking about entities and possessions, which I have to admit did shock me.

The client, who I decided wasn’t a good match for me, explained her services and fees, which I was surprised at how much someone was willing to pay.  Among distance and REIKI healing, she can drive the demon from her client. According to her, they almost always feel an immediate improvement by being calmer, anxiety free and they can even feel taller. She has testimonials on her services. She also teaches her clients clinton1-300x300how to protect themselves from any negative entities if they attract another. At one point when we were talking about mental illness, I had mentioned a friend, and she suggested they might be possessed and that she felt an entity around them. I decided it was best for everyone involved that I remain silent on the topic. I didn’t ask her whether or not she used fear as her main motivator with her clients.

She isn’t the only person who offers such services. All you have to do is do a quick search with “help with demon possession” and you’ll be able to see what I mean. With today’s Internet, finding an exorcist is readily available within seconds…

During our meeting, she showed me two cases of possessions. I was shocked when she pulled up the photo of Hilary Clinton. I was told she was mentally possessed at that moment in time and she had an entity inside her. My opinion, granted, this is only my opinion, I believed the picture revealed Ms. Clinton at a moment in time where she was very animated about a subject. I’m sure you’ve seen freeze frames in videos. Anyone can look possessed if the frame is frozen at a specific moment in time.

The next image was of James Eagan Holmes. I have to admit he does appear possessed from looking at his photo. The glazed eyes, the whites around the pupils. He was responsible for the horrific shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. But when do you draw the line as to the question of being mentally ill or being possessed? According to reports, during Holmes childhood, he was frightened of “Nail Ghosts’, which would hammer on the walls at night. He James_Holmeshad other visions of shadows and “flickers” at the corners of his eyes. He believed they would use firearms and other weapons to fight each other. It was also reported Holmes was depressed and “obsessed with killing for over a decade”.

An ABC article reported that Exorcism was thriving in the US.

Michael Cuneo, a sociologist at Fordham University and the author of American Exorcism writes, “Exorcism is more readily available today in the United States than perhaps ever before.”

He also mentioned that The Exorcist brought the subject national attention in the 1970s, and exorcism has grown in the last couple of decades. The Exorcist was actually drawn from a case study in Iowa, which I will touch on at the Butterscotch Martni Girls Blog on Sunday.

Also according to Cueneo and the ABC article, there are approximately 10 official exorcists in the Catholic Church. But it seems the majority of exorcisms are performed by protestant religions.

An exorcism ended with a death in Oakland California in 1995. A woman and her relatives sought a cure for insomnia which she’d had for a number of years.

The victim and her family members turned to an evangelist and former distributor of Herbalife nutritional supplements, who saw the problem as the women being possessed by demons and decided to expel the entities out through prayer.

The exorcism lasted six hours. The victim’s mother and three other women attempted to remove the spirits. They hit the woman as many as 100 times on the chest and face. They broke at least 10 ribs.

“It’s a victory for Jesus Christ,” the evangelist from the the Jesus-Amen Ministries was reported as saying to the police.  All assailants faced murder charges.

During the ceremony, the exorcists allegedly covered the victim’s face with a towel in order to smother her screams. It was also reported that they were also afraid to look into her face and rolling eyes.

Then we have another strange case, but nothing near as violent or deadly, where a chiropractor lost his license. Not only was he performing exorcisms but having sex with his patients. He’d been practicing for 10 years before he was exposed (no pun intended). He performed exorcisms as part of his chiropractor services and also urged some patients to stop taking medications that they’d been prescribed.

Exorcism does fascinate me, but at the expense of mental illness? Never.

There is this one case though…

An exorcism was reported back in 1928 and was written up in a pamphlet from a Catholic priest. The Exorcist was based on this case. The pamphlet is available on the Internet. It’s titled “Satan Begone”.

After reading about the case, at times a small part of me wonders when its late at night and I’m alone,  if someone’s personality or mental disorder reported in the news just might not be mental illness, but something darker and more malevolent….

Then I start asking ‘what if’ when it comes to plotting my next book.

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