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Welcome to the Love in Bloom Giveaway Hop!


A super thank you for dropping by my site for the Love in Bloom Giveaway Hop. What is spring without some romance? Along with an Amazon gift card of $10, I will be giving away a romance. The ebook of Duplicity is a romantic suspense with a bit of paranormal thrown in. To enter, use the Rafflecopter below. You can do one option or more. If you’re already on my newsletter, you can enter the bonus entry. By entering my contest, you will automatically be subscribed into my newsletter where you get get a couple of free ebooks. You will not be spammed. I email only about news, giveaways and latest releases. More Amazon Gift Carddetails are at newsletter.

Duplicity was previously published in 2012 as the single title book Shrouded in Mystery.

1st place in Beacon Contest under the Paranormal Category
1st place in the Emily West Houston Chapter RWA Contest – Paranormal Category
Honorable Mention from On the Far Side Contest from the Fantasy Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter of RWA
Finalist in First Coast Romance Writers Unpublished Beacon Contest

Available at Amazon USAmazon UK | Barnes & Noble | Apple | KOBO

DuplicityHe wakes up from a car accident with a dead man beside him and a duffle bag in the back seat with over one hundred thousand dollars in cash and a loaded gun. He has no memory of his past or how he got there. His only clues are a photo with the address of a shelter and a driver’s license with the name of Clark Kent. They lead him to Boston, but once there, he’s left with more questions and a sense of eminent danger. But nothing prepares him for the phenomena he finds within himself. His hearing’s more acute than any animal, his strength beyond anything human.

Katherine Spalding knows she’s one of the lucky ones. Born with money and looks, raised and educated among Boston’s elite, she has the respect and admiration of friends and the community. But her luck’s about to turn to chaos when a tall, gorgeous man with the most incredible gray eyes stumbles into her life. Katherine doesn’t know what to make of him. He claims he’s Clark Kent. But is he saint or sinner, hero or villain or … just plain crazy? Is she willing to find out, even at the risk of her life?

There seems to be a bit a problem having the Rafflecopter load correctly at time, so you can also just enter here.

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Authors in Bloom Blog Hop & Giveaway!

Spring flowers with garden tools isolated on white background

Spring flowers with garden tools isolated on white background

Thank you for dropping by my site for the 5th annual Authors in Bloom Blog Hop! I’m giving away the box set of my Shades Series, which includes Deadly Shades, Shades of Holly and Killer Shades. I’m also giving away a gift card of $15 from Amazon. When you enter, you will be automatically included in my newsletter. I don’t believe in spam, and I only notify a person when it comes to giveaways, book releases and contests.

I’m not much of a cook, but I do love to garden. I found a great way to start a garden if you hate digging or your ground is just impossible to penetrate. It’s called lasagna gardening. Sheet composting is another term for it. I stumbled across it while I was looking into starting a garden. You start off by using newspaper or cardboard for the bottom layer, then on top of that you add peat moss. Your third layer is organic compost and you layer this by green and brown material. You top it with compost or mulch. The techniques vary but there is a wealth of information on the subject on the Internet.

The advantages of lasagna gardening are:

  • You don’t have to weed or water as much because of heavy mulch.
  • Works well in small places (even containers). Perfect when you have limited gardening space.
  • No digging.

About the Shades Series Box Set that is up for grabs:

Dianne Venetta_AIB Logo_2015

Deadly Shades

Kennedy Sinclair is given a pair of simple sunglasses. Or so she thinks. Within twenty-four hours, she discovers they are far from simple or normal. The lenses open a door to the dark side of her personality and a serial killer, who turns his focus on her. Can she outwit, outrun a murderer? And if she survives the night, does she have the strength to become the person destiny has created for her?

Shades of Holly

Enter Zach Howard, a man who’s finally managed to get his life on track, until that is, he comes across a pair of otherworldly sunglasses. Once on, they reveal scenes of a past he would like to forget and a future he finds terrifying. If he can trust what the visions portray, Holly, the one woman he’s never stopped loving, is in danger of a psychopath.

Christmas is a breath away, but will Holly take her last breath? Holly has no idea what fate has placed in front of her this holiday season. Two years before, she turned her back on Zach because she wasn’t strong enough to deal with his broken soul. This time around, does she have the courage to fight for Zach’s life at the risk of her own? Or can miracles and angels save them both?

ShadesSeriesBoxSet_3books_smallKiller Shades

Jenna Barnes slips on a pair of simple sunglasses, but they’re not so simple. Jenna soon realizes they’re dangerous when people start dying, including her soon to be ex-husband. His unnatural death has her on the police radar as a prime suspect. After all, she had the most to gain. But one of those police officers is none other than Kyle Newman, a man she’d loved and dumped five years ago.

Kyle Newman doesn’t believe Jenna killed her husband, and he sets out to protect her, only to become a suspect himself in her husband’s death. The killer is still out there. If Jenna doesn’t stop asking questions, he knows she could be next. He needs to guarantee that doesn’t happen. But is he willing to lose his career, even his life to save her? Because a pair of sunglasses can kill, and he’s soon going to find out the death of Jenna’s husband is just the beginning.

Available at Amazon │ Amazon UKBarnes & NobleApple |KOBO

Good luck in the contest! 🙂 There is also a $15 Amazon gift card that you can win.


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Killer Shades Now Available ~ $50 Giveaway to Celebrate!

Killer Shades Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | Apple | KOBO

 Latest Excerpt!

Sighing, he rubbed the back of his neck and strode toward the victim sprawled across the yellow line. Ten yards in and he recognized the vic. Air hissed into his lungs, and he nearly choked on it. Wayne. He had to be dead. No one could live through that head wound. What the hell. Alarm exploded inside his chest as he looked around at the people on the street and the vicinity. Then he saw her, and the air left his lungs in one, big whoosh. But he didn’t relax. Quite the opposite.


His chest tightened almost painfully.

Their gazes meshed across a good thirty yards that separated them. Even from this distance, he noticed the color had leached from her face and accented her lips and the dark wings of her brows. Still, she was as beautiful as ever. The mahogany mane of hair, thick and luscious, flowed around her shoulders. Her eyes, such an incredible blue, always seemed to pierce through him to that deep, dark area of his soul he never wanted anyone to delve into. But she had. She’d wanted to know everything about him, only to promptly leave him when she’d learned exactly who he was.

Enough. Forget the bitterness, forget the hurt. He only had seconds to get over being blindsided.


The Giveaway

PRIZES: A $50 Amazon gift card with a second one drawn of $15 if this post reaches 100 shares, a t-shirt “I Found The Man Of My Dreams… On Chapter 38.”  and 3 ebooks of DEADLY SHADES!



Killer Shades


***To enter: you can do as many or as few options as you like (the more you do the more chance of winning!) If you feel uncomfortable using the Rafflecopter below to enter, just comment below as to what you did and add the link if applicable. You will be automatically subscribed to my newsletter. Subscribers will NOT be spammed. My newsletter includes latest releases, contests and giveaway, along with special discounts.***

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ALL winners will be posted on my blog on 02/18 so be sure to check back later!

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | Apple | KOBO

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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