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Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Hop Starts the 21st!

Thanks so much for dropping by my site for BookHounds and Stuck in Books Midsummer’s Eve Giveaway Hop! The summer solstice is here, midsummersevegiveawayhopand it’s going to be a hot one this year. As I write this, the temps here in the Phoenix area are reaching 120 F. Not sure what I’d do without the air-conditioning or a pool nearby!

I will be giving away a $10 gift card from Amazon and the ebook, The Long Road Home, which is a Romance Writers of America two-time Golden Heart Finalist in Traditional Romance. IF YOU ENTER THROUGH RAFFLECOPTER, YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE ADDED TO MY NEWSLETTER. I don’t spam. My newsletter consists of freebies, giveaways and latest news.

Amazon Gift Card

Who doesn’t like a road trip during the summer? Clarisse doesn’t…

Travel across the country with her old lover, John McDonnell–and his girlfriend? Impossible. But Clarisse Madison is desperate. Terrified of flying and unable to drive long stretches because of a knee surgery, she sees no other way to get from New York to San Diego and her sister’s wedding.

The Long Road HomeThree years ago, a plane crash disfigured her leg and destroyed her career as a model. Self-esteem crushed and fearful of rejection, Clarisse severed her relationship with John. Now, forced to travel across the country with him and his girlfriend, Vivian, she is determined to hide her disfigurement. Driving through state after state and mile after mile, though, she begins to fall in love all over again.

But can anything come of it? Can she overcome her pride for the sake of love?

5 STARS – “I LOVE this book. It is on my “Read Again” list.”
5 STARS – “It was so well written that you could feel the same emotions as the characters. I loved this book!!”
5 STARS – This book was very emotional an intense. The story line was so different than anything else I’ve ever read before

Amazon UK:

Here is the link to the Rafflecopter if the badge doesn’t show on your computer or device(It looks like the badge doesnt show on Google Chrome): RAFFLECOPTER

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Winners of the Love in Bloom Giveaway Hop!

Congrats to Renee R. and Joana A. for entering the Love in Bloom Giveaway Hop. Renee is the winnerGiveaway-Winner of the $10 gift card and Joana is receiving an ebook copy of Duplicity. Thank you everyone for entering. It’s much appreciated. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day if you are in the US or just a great Monday if you live somewhere else. 🙂

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Welcome to the Love in Bloom Giveaway Hop!


A super thank you for dropping by my site for the Love in Bloom Giveaway Hop. What is spring without some romance? Along with an Amazon gift card of $10, I will be giving away a romance. The ebook of Duplicity is a romantic suspense with a bit of paranormal thrown in. To enter, use the Rafflecopter below. You can do one option or more. If you’re already on my newsletter, you can enter the bonus entry. By entering my contest, you will automatically be subscribed into my newsletter where you get get a couple of free ebooks. You will not be spammed. I email only about news, giveaways and latest releases. More Amazon Gift Carddetails are at newsletter.

Duplicity was previously published in 2012 as the single title book Shrouded in Mystery.

1st place in Beacon Contest under the Paranormal Category
1st place in the Emily West Houston Chapter RWA Contest – Paranormal Category
Honorable Mention from On the Far Side Contest from the Fantasy Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter of RWA
Finalist in First Coast Romance Writers Unpublished Beacon Contest

Available at Amazon USAmazon UK | Barnes & Noble | Apple | KOBO

DuplicityHe wakes up from a car accident with a dead man beside him and a duffle bag in the back seat with over one hundred thousand dollars in cash and a loaded gun. He has no memory of his past or how he got there. His only clues are a photo with the address of a shelter and a driver’s license with the name of Clark Kent. They lead him to Boston, but once there, he’s left with more questions and a sense of eminent danger. But nothing prepares him for the phenomena he finds within himself. His hearing’s more acute than any animal, his strength beyond anything human.

Katherine Spalding knows she’s one of the lucky ones. Born with money and looks, raised and educated among Boston’s elite, she has the respect and admiration of friends and the community. But her luck’s about to turn to chaos when a tall, gorgeous man with the most incredible gray eyes stumbles into her life. Katherine doesn’t know what to make of him. He claims he’s Clark Kent. But is he saint or sinner, hero or villain or … just plain crazy? Is she willing to find out, even at the risk of her life?

There seems to be a bit a problem having the Rafflecopter load correctly at time, so you can also just enter here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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