Winter Wonder Man Blog Hop Giveaway Jan 16th to 19th!

Thanks for dropping by the Winter Man Blog Hop with over 50 blog hops participating, and a grand prize of $50 for an Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card (winner’s choice). I’m also giving away a free ebook of Shrouded in Darkness, the first in the Shrouded Series, which is a romantic suspense with paranormal elements.

The topic of the hop is: What makes a hero in movies and books wonderful to the point your toes curl?”

I have to admit I love a hero who is passionate, empathetic, kind, brave, and the list can go on and on… oh did I say sexy? lol My […]

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Paranormal Fragment Fridays Blog Hop!

At times do you ever feel like someone is watching you? Your neck prickles with awareness? Maybe someone is watching you after all… At least Margot gets that uneasy feeling in this excerpt of Shrouded in Illusion. The book is still free on Amazon, but won’t be for much longer.

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“Who’s there?” she whispered. “Jake?”

Only the tick of the kitchen clock answered her. Then Margot noticed the cat. Tall switching in clear agitation, Marmaduke, sat hunched low on all fours.

“You heard it too, didn’t you?”

Uneasiness pricking the back of her neck, Margot moved across the […]

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Paranormal Fragment Fridays Blog Hop

It’s Fragment Friday time and I have another excerpt from Shrouded in Darkness which is free for a limited time. If you are interested you can get the copy here on Amazon.

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He laughed, a harsh, deep sound of bitterness. “Quit? No. You could say I was terminated.” He rose quickly to his feet and said gruffly, “I think I’ll go on a walk.”

She watched him slip from the room. They’d both lost their jobs and been rejected by their employers. She could relate to his bitterness, taste it on her own tongue. Having your job ripped from beneath […]

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