Nopeming Sanatorium buildings rumored to be haunted

Yikes! It’s Monday again. I was recently invited to visit Nopeming Sanatorium in Duluth. Ghost Adventures from the Travel Channel has done an episode on the sanatorium. In the early 1900s Nopeming was built as a tuberculosis hospital, but then later became a nursing home until the building was abandoned in 2002. It’s reported to be haunted and actually has day and night tours. My friend of course wants to do the night tour.  It looks pretty scary from some of the images I found on the Internet! I’m sure if he twists my arm hard enough, I’ll go. lol

Thousands of lives were lost to tuberculosis in Duluth. It is also reported that several people committed suicide by throwing themselves from the balconies of the building. The owners over time had to install metal bars on the windows to stop any further suicide attempts. As for hauntings… it is believed the ghosts of suicide and tuberculosis victims haunt the rooms and halls.  Nopeming Sanatorium hallway


Reports have been made of shadow figures in the tunnels, disembodied laughter, moaning, screaming along with other unexplained noises.

If you want to learn more of the sanatorium you can visit this site which has a wealth of information. Actually you can do a search of Nopeming Santorium and it will come up with many different sites on the building and its history. The official site is here.

Below is a historical postcard from Dan Turner and the hallway is from

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Haunted Loon Lake Cemetery. Ever go to a Cemetery You Thought Haunted?

Loon Lake Cemetery NotificationHaunted Loon Lake Cemetery…or is it?

I’ve never actively gone to a cemetery to see if it was haunted or not, but there is this very old cemetery in the area by Loon Lake which is reported to be haunted. Well, I couldn’t resist and I dragged my significant other there this last month to check it out.

Loon Lake Haunted Cemetery

Sadly many of the headstones were stolen. I really don’t get why someone would actively vandalize a place or thing. It just seems strange to me. Also, who would want someone’s headstone in their house or backyard?

Well, I brought my handy EMF device and we went a hiking. It was a beautiful day. The area is near a lake and pretty isolated. I clicked on my device and….

Nothing. Not one peep. There was actually a sign posted near the gate stating ‘There Are No Ghosts’ in the area. I’m Haunted Loon Lake Cemeterysure the locals were trying to keep vandals away.

So my afternoon was uneventful but I managed to get out in the fresh air and get some needed exercise!

Haunted Loon Lake Cemetery

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The Grande Hotel in Jerome – Ghosts anyone?

If you’ve lived in Arizona any length of time or visited Jerome, you’ve probably heard of the Grand Hotel. The hotel was once a hospital, which opened their doors in jerome-hotel1927, but then closed in 1950.  44 years later the hotel opened in 1994. Who would have thought a hospital would be renovated into a hotel.

I read on the Internet there had been 9000 deaths during the time the hotel was a hospital. But that number just seems grossly inflated. I think it was the actual size of Jerome during the great Spanish influenza epidemic, which I found on a more reputable site. Many in the town did die from the epidemic but that was in 1918. As with any hospital, there were deaths, and many were caused by injury or illness, and but some lives ended suspiciously. No wonder there have been so many reported hauntings!

There is Claude Harvey. He was a maintenance man for the hospital. He was found dead at the bottom of the elevator shaft. His neck was pinned by the elevator. At the time the coroner reported the elevator didn’t cause Claude’s death. Even though his death was not from natural causes, there wasn’t an autopsy done on his body. It was believed United Verde Copper Company, the owner of the building, didn’t want any investigation done, fearing bad publicity.

There was also a suicide in 1982 by a Manoah Hoffpauir. He was found hanging from a steam pipe in the Engineer’s Office.

The history alone is enough to stay the night.

On one trip I took for a writer’s retreat we went down into the boiler room. They have a haunted tour and just before 12 midnight the tour guide takes the hotel guests down to wait until just after midnight. If you listen very carefully you’ll hear a ghost cat meow. We actually did! I have to admit I was a little shocked at hearing the cat!

From what I understand there is a spirit cat that roams the hotel. No one knows where the cat came from, but people have heard it meowing. A number of guests and staff have felt the cat also brush up against their legs or visit them while they are in bed.

Actually, one year, a friend of mine reported feeling something on the foot of her bed one of the nights she was there. I didn’t have such luck, and I’m probably glad I didn’t have a visitor during the night.

jerome-restaurantAnother experience I had was the smell of cigarette smoke in the hallway. The staff had mentioned you might be able to smell it, and we actually did one evening. We searched the floors above and below for anyone smoking and couldn’t find one person with a cigarette, and smoking is banned in the hotel.

I plan on visiting the hotel this month. Or rather the Asylum Restaurant. I love to go up to Jerome to visit and write. They have a great coffee and wine place on one of the main strips called Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards Tasting Room. The last time I was there they had a couple of sofas you could sit on and drink coffee or wine and it’s a perfect place to write for a bit. At least they didn’t kick us and our laptops out.


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