Haunted Loon Lake Cemetery. Ever go to a Cemetery You Thought Haunted?

Loon Lake Cemetery NotificationHaunted Loon Lake Cemetery…or is it?

I’ve never actively gone to a cemetery to see if it was haunted or not, but there is this very old cemetery in the area by Loon Lake which is reported to be haunted. Well, I couldn’t resist and I dragged my significant other there this last month to check it out.

Loon Lake Haunted Cemetery

Sadly many of the headstones were stolen. I really don’t get why someone would actively vandalize a place or thing. It just seems strange to me. Also, who would want someone’s headstone in their house or backyard?

Well, I brought my handy EMF device and we went a hiking. It was a beautiful day. The area is near a lake and pretty isolated. I clicked on my device and….

Nothing. Not one peep. There was actually a sign posted near the gate stating ‘There Are No Ghosts’ in the area. I’m Haunted Loon Lake Cemeterysure the locals were trying to keep vandals away.

So my afternoon was uneventful but I managed to get out in the fresh air and get some needed exercise!

Haunted Loon Lake Cemetery

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Exorcism at Earling Iowa

I’ve been doing alot of traveling through Iowa these last six months since I’ve moved here. I quickly heard of the small town of Earling exorcism in Earling Iowa for romantic suspense novelwhere one of the last sanctioned exorcisms was performed in 1928. The exorcism lasted more than 3 weeks. A local Franciscan convent was the setting for the ceremony. It was performed on a woman named Emma Schmidt who was said to have flown across the room. The ceremony was performed by Roman Catholic Capuchin Theophilus Riesinger.

You can find more of the exorcism here and more in depth here. It is said that the exorcism was based on the movie the EXORCIST.

exorcism in Earling Iowa for romantic suspense novelWe drove by where the convent once stood. The place had been burned down decades ago according to the locals.

The Catholic church across the street is amazing with domed ceilings, gleaming solid wood pews  and intricate designs and figurines throughout.

The church will be the perfect setting for one of my scenes in the book I’m currently working on, KISS ME BEFORE DYING. 🙂exorcism in Earling Iowa for romantic suspense novel

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What Scares You? Inspiration for romantic thriller novel…

catholic church iowa setting for romantic thriller book 2 I’m sure you have thought of what scares you. Spiders, heights, public speaking. But have you ever thought that a building might scare you? I was thinking of something as simple as a home or church, which can give a person a place of security, can turn completely different in a movie or book. Just think of a number of churches in horror movies. They don’t look so safe, do they? 🙂

catholic church iowa setting for romantic thriller book 3

When I moved to Iowa, I didn’t realize how amazing some of the churches were in a number of the smaller towns, both historically and architecturally. Take Panama Iowa. St. Mary’s Catholic Church has such a beautiful interior. But what if it’s dark at night, and you need to enter the church, even break into the inside because if you don’t, you just might die? With Kiss Me Before Dying, I’m using a number of different churches to help with inspiration, and I have a character in the book that has to get inside if he/she wants to live. I’m hoping I’ll be able to portray an atmosphere that has a creep factor. Kiss Me Before Dying is another dark book. I’m about 1/2 done now. I’ll be sharing excerpts along the way. If it gets a good response by readers, this will be the first in a series. It will also be a stand alone full length novel.

catholic church iowa setting for romantic thriller book

I also visited Earling, Iowa, which is rumored to be the inspiration for the Exorcist. I did get chance to visit the place and get a couple of pictures of the building, both inside and out. I’ll share them at a later time.

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