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I love autumn and the cooler weather. Maybe it’s because I get tired of the heat here in Phoenix. I do miss the change of colors. Maybe that’s why I like writing about the winter so much.

But even though Autumn can cool down the days, the nights can sure heat up with the right person. My two absolute favs for Autumn evenings is roasting marshmallows by a fire wrapped up in a blanket with someone special or hot tubbing. A nice butterscotch martini in hand sure takes the edge off the day too.

Below is an excerpt of Shrouded in Illusion, the third book in the Shrouded series. The scene gets just a little heated between Skye and David.

“Damn it, Skye. Just shut up and don’t argue for once.” To hell with it. If she slapped him, so be it. David could live with that, but he couldn’t live with him blowing off the last chance to be with her.

With one step, David devoured the distance between them. He clutched her upper arms and hauled her up against him. The swell of her breasts flattened against his chest. Their heat burned through the material of his shirt and stoked his growing hunger.

Their gazes clashed for an instant. Then he took her mouth in a kiss. Tonight he would not be denied. He’d wanted Skye for far too long.

He caught a finger beneath her hair tie and slipped it free. Chestnut hair tumbled to her shoulders, their silken strands twining between his fingers. The scent of her hair drifted in the air, and he closed his eyes, drinking in the musky scent of woman and flowers.

For a brief moment Skye yielded, her lips softening and molding against his, but then she grew rigid within his arms. With both hands, she grasped his shoulders and dug her nails into his skin. He reigned in his desire and shut his eyes tighter. The last thing he wanted to do was scare the hell out of her.

David forced himself to slow down, to give instead of take, and skimmed his mouth over her own, a gentle whisper that sampled the texture of her lips, the flavor of her mouth. A strange mix of toothpaste and sin. Her breath altered, turned rapid and uneven, while a shudder rippled through her body.

The pressure on his shoulders eased, and her mouth softened and turned inquisitive as she leaned into his embrace, surrender in the soft sigh of her breath.

Thought dissolved into pure sensation as pleasure and excitement burned his flesh and quickened his pulse. His hands trembled as he cupped her face with both hands and glided his thumbs along the line of her jaw and moved to the downy softness below her ears. Skye’s pulse fluttered wildly beneath his touch, revealing her desire as her hands slipped from his shoulders and danced across his back.

The knowledge that she wanted him stoked the desire burning through his body. He shifted restlessly. The kiss tantalized, but did nothing to cool his growing ardor.

“I want you,” he whispered against her lips, skimming her mouth with each word. He kissed her jaw, the indentation between her ear and neck, the silken curve above her collarbone as he slipped a hand beneath her shirt to caress the taut muscles of her lower back.

Shrouded in Illusion She shivered and clutched his shoulders. “I can’t…” Her protest couldn’t mask the need in the husky tremor of her voice. “There’s Ty. He’s—”



He silenced her protest, taking her mouth once again in a slow, thorough kiss, tasting her desire and her doubts. “One night,” he urged as he wrapped his fingers in her hair. Hell, she had no clue what he’d do to be with her. “Give me one night.”

Skye’s entire body quivered against him. David tensed, dreading the thought of her rejection. All his life he’d had women succumbing without any great effort, but none of that mattered, none of them mattered compared to the woman now in his arms. To him, Skye had become an obsession.

Her fierce determination, her loyalty to her son were qualities he couldn’t help but admire. But what drew him to her more than anything was the vulnerability in her doe-like eyes that even her prickly edges and rigid control couldn’t completely mask. Damn, but she did things to his insides, twisting them in places he didn’t think could be twisted.

Skye twined both arms around his neck and grazed her teeth lightly against the curve of his neck before inching up and pressing her mouth over his to whisper, “One night.”

David took in a shuddering breath of relief, bent down, caught Skye around the knees and waist and hefted her up into his arms. He glanced down the darkened hall where both Tyler and Skye’s bedrooms were, then he turned on his heel and walked in the opposite direction where shadows thickened. He pivoted down another hall and didn’t falter. He wasn’t about to slow and give Skye an opportunity to change her mind. In the morning he’d worry about recriminations, but now… Now, he’d focus on pleasure, desire and Skye.

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Also, below is a naughty excerpt of Deadly Shades.

He kissed the corner of her mouth, just a feather touch, a hint of what could come, while his thumb caressed the sensitive slope of her neck right below her lobe. Another shiver raced across her flesh. She closed her eyes. Luke knew just what to say and what to do. She didn’t back away. She didn’t have the strength. This time she let herself lean into him. God, her will-power was non-existent.

His lips grazed her own while he cupped her cheek and skated a thumb across the line of her jaw. She sank against his chest, unable to do a thing but surrender as she trailed her fingers up over the soft cotton of his shirt to the wide breadth of his shoulders and kissed him back. Soft, tentative caresses, then bolder as hunger swept through her body and pooled in her belly.

Deadly ShadesHer heart beat did a crazy gallop. She found it difficult to draw in enough oxygen.

“Your keys to get inside,” he urged, nipping at her earlobe, skimming his mouth over the curve of her neck. His fingers linked with hers. Then he cupped his hand and she surrendered them into his palm.

He drew back briefly to unlock the door. The hinges sighed, the warmth of the interior of her apartment beckoned and he urged her inside.

Kennedy didn’t need any urging though. Her body screamed with mounting hunger. The door snapped closed behind her and metal against metal sighed as Luke locked the door.

Anticipation sent her heart rate to a new crescendo as Luke’s kisses grew urgent, demanding.

Her chest tightened. Desire caught at her from all sides. She slid her hands beneath his shirt and ran both palms over the smooth, hard contours of his chest and stomach. His muscles quivered from her touch, and his breathing turned rapid. Knowing that Luke was growing just as excited pulled her deeper into desire and there was no way she wanted out.

When she edged the hem of his shirt up over his waist, Luke didn’t need any further encouragement. He eased back and pulled off his shirt. The cuffs from his sleeves caught against his wrists before he flung it to the floor.

He paused long enough to stare down at her. His blue eyes almost black with passion gazed down at her with such intensity, that Kennedy wanted to believe what they had could last. Shirtless, with wide shoulders, thick chest, flat belly, a pair of low-slung jeans riding his trim hips, Luke looked like he’d stepped from the mists of an erotic dream or fantasy.

“You have no idea how you tie me up,” he breathed.

Other clothing followed. Pants, underwear, bra and socks. They littered a path down the hardwood hall and into her bedroom. By the time they reached the cool cotton of her bed, they were both naked. His skin against her naked flesh was intoxicating, addicting, and impossible to keep her hands off of.

She slid back on the bed with Luke following. The mattress sank with their weight. The feel of his body from his chest to his hair roughened legs was heaven. The heat of his erection burned against her belly as her thighs cradled his hips.

He nipped at her bottom lip. She gasped and his mouth moved over her own, his tongue delving, devouring, taking. She arched, rubbing her breasts against the wall of his chest.

His hands caught in her hair, anchoring her head against the feather pillow as his kiss deepened, grew hot and demanding.

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