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Fragment Fridays

At times do you ever feel like someone is watching you? Your neck prickles with awareness? Maybe someone is watching you after all… At least Margot gets that uneasy feeling in this excerpt of Shrouded in Illusion. The book is still free on Amazon, but won’t be for much longer.

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“Who’s there?” she whispered. “Jake?”

Only the tick of the kitchen clock answered her. Then Margot noticed the cat. Tall switching in clear agitation, Marmaduke, sat hunched low on all fours.

“You heard it too, didn’t you?”

Uneasiness pricking the back of her neck, Margot moved across the Shrouded in Darknesskitchen and bent down to place the water dish on the ground by Marmaduke. Suddenly, the cat sprang, bounding from the kitchen and disappearing into the hall.

Margot jerked, sloshing water over the bowl as she placed it on the floor. Cautiously, she walked to the doorway and peered around the corner. She found the hall empty. The door to Jake’s room stood closed.

She laughed self-consciously as she stepped into the hall. Her nerves were obviously shot. And Marmaduke sure as hell wasn’t helping matters.

Suddenly, the air stirred about her, teasing her hair and seeping into the fabric of her housecoat.

Someone was in the hall with her.

Pivoting, Margot searched the shadows around her. Her bare toe hit something on the hall mat. She looked down. A set of her keys to the lab. She swallowed, her throat suddenly dry. She picked them up. They were warm to the touch.


Her whisper washed over the hall and died into silence.

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Paranormal Fragment Fridays Blog Hop

It’s Fragment Friday time and I have another excerpt from Shrouded in Darkness which is free for a limited time. If you are interested you can get the copy here on Amazon.

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He laughed, a harsh, deep sound of bitterness. “Quit? No. You could say I was terminated.” He rose quickly to his feet and said gruffly, “I think I’ll go on a walk.”

Fragment Fridays

She watched him slip from the room. They’d both lost their jobs and been rejected by their employers. She could relate to his bitterness, taste it on her own tongue. Having your job ripped from beneath you could shatter your self-confidence and also your sense of purpose or direction.

When she heard the front door close, she walked over to where he’d been standing by the books. He’d been looking at a certain book, a hardback set in the middle of the shelving unit with a dust jacket the color of blood. She lifted a hand to run a finger across the spines. When she saw the bold, black letters of the title against the red dust jacket, her hand froze in mid-air.

Vampire Myths.

My, God. Vampires.

Shrouded in DarknessStiffening, she glanced over to the doorway but found it empty. Now that she thought of it, Jake reminded her of a shadow, dark, silent and without substance. He had an uncanny ability to move throughout the house and slip into the same room on soundless feet.

She’d never witnessed him eat anything. For that matter, the only time she’d seen him was at night when he was shrouded in darkness.

Ridiculous. She laughed aloud.  “Come on, Margot. Get your head together. First ghosts and now vampires. You’re losing your mind.”

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Paranormal Fragment Friday Hop

Fragment FridaysBelow is a fragment from a scene in Shrouded in Illusion. Right now you can get a couple free on Amazon.

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He walked over to her. Bending, he eased the partially filled glass gently from her fingers and placed it on the end table. She shifted but didn’t wake.

Jake noticed she’d downed far too much alcohol tonight. Could it be because of a guilty conscience? Or something more? Yet the reason might be simply because she’d just buried her brother.

None of the wine had spilled onto her robe, part of which had slipped from one creamy shoulder to reveal a red satin nightgown. Her skin looked as silken as the gown shimmering against the firelight.

His chest tightened.

Unable to stop the impulse, he reached down and curled a finger around a lock of her satiny hair. She stirred. The ebony strand slipped through his fingers to curve against her cheek, and her lips parted. They were wide and bow shaped. So damn kissable.

But was Margot really delicate? Was she like her brother, John, whom he’d trusted and Shrouded in Darknessrespected? Or did that face hide something hard and unfeeling? Something just as ruthless as Malcolm? After all, she’d married Malcolm. At some point she’d been attracted to him.

He sighed. Who was he to judge? He was far from anyone’s Prince Charming. And what did it matter? Either way, she was unattainable.

He pulled a crocheted blanket from a basket by the chair and draped her in its warm folds. For one long moment, he watched her as yearning and loneliness sank and pooled deep in his gut. Then he slipped silently from the room.

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